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Ed's Bio
Where it all started

Bullmahi was born out of necesity by Ed Heller. Mr. Heller is a veteran Southern California and Baja fisherman, an IGFA-certified captain, and a USCG 100-ton Master. With a 30 year history in the Commercial and Sportfishing Industry, Heller has gained a vast knowledge through his life long commitment to Sportfishing. Heller is a founder and managing partner of the new fishing Web-site, www.BullMahi.com, offering unique, continuously-updated “interactive,” fishing reports.

"I have always been on the hunt with my more than 30 years of offshore experience, whether it was in baja, where I have I have been a fishing guide for the last 8 years or here in Southern California where I am guideing and running charters for the serious offshore angler. To be successful you need to be concise, well equipped with knowledge and have the tools at your finger tips to give you the edge that is needed to be successful. With the tools and information we have assembled at Bullmahi.com, we can all have the added edge we are looking for."

Ed's Bio
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