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Bi-weekly summary for March 14th - 21st

When is the last time you can remember Albacore to 34 lbs, Blue fin to 46lbs and Yellowtail to 28 lbs being caught in March. This last week has been very productive down as far as the Dumping Grounds and as close as 43 miles from the point.

We started off the week with fish being caught at around 3135 11803 for the first fish of the season some 77 miles from the point, I think that this was a surprise to everyone including myself. The fishing only got hotter from there. The 295 Fathom spot seemed to be holding the bulk of the fish and that is where most of the reports came from.

With the push of early warm water a lot of us were caught off guard. For those that were ready to pull the trigger the past week proved to be quite a pleasant surprise. The overcast mornings and light winds brought beautiful conditions to the outer banks which made site fishing the most productive means of locating schools. The albacore were up on top for the most part feeding on small sardines and could be seen “puddling” on the surface. The majority of the fish were caught on bait but most stops were a result of the jig strike. The usual colors of feathers, blk/prpl, grn/yllw, pnk/blue seemed to be working along with natural and colors “cedar plugs”.

Fishing the kelps also was a good place that produced some great fishing. Capt Pat Daly aboard the sportfisher “GO BIG” was having great success on the yellowtail and albies around 3130 and 117 21 on a large paddy fly lining sardines. They pulled 12 albacore and 4 yellowtail of the one kelp.

As the week ended and we got into the weekend we saw an increase of wind and swell that abruptly slowed down the bite. It looks like the water temp dropped slightly possibly pushing the fish back out past the dumping ground . Look for building seas over the next few days and possibly a little slower action. High pressure this building this weekend which should be a good sign for the count to pick back up.


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